A Shameful Contrast

Issue 16 and Volume 74.

A Shameful Contrast The following table shows the contrast between the fire destruction in England for the past three years and that in the United States for the corresponding period. As a commentary on our American habits of wastefulness it is humiliating. As a contrast, it is shameful: The population of Great Britain approximates 43,000,000 as compared to 110,000 000 for this country, so that the British per capita loss in 1922 was but 72 cents. This is less than one-sixth of the fire toll paid by the individual citizen of America, where the daily burning average has reached $1,430.000. However, the most arresting fact for Americans to ponder in the above exhibit is the constant decrease in the British losses in the face of America’s continuous increase, which last year amounted to about $26,500,000 over the 1921 figure.—Civil Service, Portland. Ore.

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