Putting the Fire Department on an Efficient Basis

Issue 16 and Volume 74.

Putting the Fire Department on an Efficient Basis Some Excellent Suggestions from the Chief of a Medium Sized City— Methods of Improvement—His Experiences as a Guide to Others AS Elisabeth is representative of cities of its size, over 100,000 population, and as the fire department, under its wide awake chief, is a typical one of its kind, the following article will no doubt provide many hints of value to fire chiefs of other cities as to methods of fire-fighting and fire prevention It occurred to me that the problems and experiences met in middle sized cities would be interesting and possibly beneficial to a large proportion of our firemen. It is therefore, my purpose to endeavor to outline methods developed by ray experience as head of a fire department of a city of about 100,000 inhabitants. Elizabeth has a population of slightly over 100,000 inhabitants. It is an industrial as…

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