George M. Kellogg 34 Years a Chief

Issue 16 and Volume 74.

George M. Kellogg 34 Years a Chief Chief George M. Kellogg, of the fire department of Sioux City, Ia., is a veteran fire fighter, having a record in the department of fortyone years of service. He joined the volunteer fire forces of his city on May 14, 1882. In 1887 the volunteer system was done away and the fire department was changed over to a paid basis. Two years later Chief Kellogg was appointed at its head, thus he has had a continuous service as head of the department of thirty-four years. Chief Kellogg is a past president of the International Association of Fire Engineers, having been elected to that office at the Dallas, Texas, 1906 convention. He presided at the Washington, D. C. convention, which occurred in October, 1907. Chief Kellogg was badly injured in a wreck a few years ago, and this left him permanently lame. He, however,…

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