Changes in New York City Fire Budget

Issue 21 and Volume 74.

Changes in New York City Fire Budget The budget of the fire department of New York City as finally decided upon includes provision for four new lieutenants from July 1, 1924 and six new lieutenants from October 1, 1924. There are to be 371 engineers and 28 new firemen from July 1 and 42 from October 1, 1924. A request for $400,000 for replacement of worn motor apparatus was reduced to $310,428, on the ground that the new fire houses in which the apparatus will be placed in service will probably not be ready until the fall of 1924. An item for 15,000 gallons of gasoline at 21 cents a gallon was cut out on the theory that gasoline next year might be procured at 15 cents a gallon. The funds for the salary increase for first class firemen provided for by the carrying of the referendum on Election Day…

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