Fire Apparatus Collision in Los Angeles

Issue 21 and Volume 74.

Fire Apparatus Collision in Los Angeles Twnty-four persons were injured, two perhaps fatally, in the heart of the downtown district of Los Angeles, Cal., on the evening of October 30. The fire apparatus was travelling at high speed west on Fifth Street and the police car south on Broadway. When the two cars came together the heavy touring car of the police department was caught squarely in the middle and was thrown against a light pole on the southwest corner of Fifth and Broadway. A woman and a man were pinned under this car. After striking the police car, the fire apparatus driven by William Kirchler. turned completely around, skidded across the street, leaped the curbstone and came to rest on the sidewalk within six inches of a heavy plate glass window. By a strange stroke of lick the window was not smashed and further casualties were thus avoided. There…

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