What Friction Loss in Hose Really Means

Issue 21 and Volume 74.

What Friction Loss in Hose Really Means Tests of Ellis and Freeman—Effect of the Diameter of Fire Hose on Friction Loss—Some Advantages of Two and Five-Eighths-lnch Hose THE matter of the most advantageous size of fire hose for exterior work in large fires is one which engages the attention of every fire chief. The necessity for the adoption of a standard for the large size of hose to be used by the fire defiartment is advocated in the following paper: From the earliest days before Christ when clay pipes were used for conveying water, keen students of the laws of nature observed that there was a loss in pressure when water flowed through pipes and the longer the pipe the greater the drop in pressure. This phenomenon had such a great effect that it was noted that with very long lines of pipe, even of comparatively large size, the quantity…

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