Improved Fire Conditions Proposed for Berkeley

Issue 24 and Volume 74.

Improved Fire Conditions Proposed for Berkeley Under the direction of the hydraulic division of the State Railroad Commission, plans have been drawn for a comprehensive investigation of the fire conditions in Berkeley, Cal., with special reference to a sufficient hydrant water supply to avert another disastrous conflagration. The survey will be made by experts of the hydraulic division co-operating with City Manager Edy, of Berkeley. The report will be submitted to the city council of Berkeley with recommendations for action. Three months ago the Berkeley council appealed to the Railroad Commission in the matter of the installation of fire hydrants, claiming that the East Bay Water Company should bear the expense of such installation. The commission ruled that it had not authority to compel the company to put in hydrants at its own expense and that the city must bear its share of the costs if it wanted the hydrants.…

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