Water Situation Improved in Dubois, Pa.

Issue 24 and Volume 74.

Water Situation Improved in Dubois, Pa. The water consumers of Dubois, Pa., are greatly encouraged by the improvement in the water situation in their city, as the recent rains have added much water to the reservoir supply and there appears to be plenty of water for the citv’s needs for the coming winter. The watersheds are thoroughly soaked and water is going over the top of the spillway. During the past summer a crew of men was employed at the reservoir dredging out the sides, cutting down the vegetable growths and generally improving the basin. While the water was low the edges of the dam were put in good shape, and 32 steel pins were concreted in the top of the 92-foot spillway to he used as supports for flash hoards that will be built next spring. This arrangement will raise the level of the spillway three feet and impound…

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