Life Is Too Short!

Issue 24 and Volume 74.

Life Is Too Short! LET’S cut out the useless things, the wasteful, the inefficient! “Life is too short,” says Supt. Henry C. Leydorf, of Perrysburg, Ohio, “for any of us to try and solve all of the problems that come up in our daily work, when we know that in most cases others have solved them before us and ice can get the results of all this wide experience by reading FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.” Yes, SIR! Ain’t it the truth? There isn’t a fire chief or a water works superintendent in the country who can’t profit by learning of the experiences of his fellow-officials through regular reading of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Our Ohio friend, whose recent letter we quote above, is one of the countless fire and water officials who have told us again and again of the great help this little magazine is to them in their…

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