Issue 24 and Volume 74.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING CONTENTS VOL. LXXIV DECEMBER 12, 1923 No. 24 The Effects of Pressure Upon Water Consumption, by H. P. Matte and J. O. G. Gibbons (Illustrated) 1231 Suggestion of Reducing All Water Consumption to an Equivalent at Some Standard Pressure So as to Arrive at Method of Comparison. Should 1 1/2-Inch Hose Be Used in Handling Incipient Fires? by Chief H. L. Stanton and Chief S. R. Short (Portraits) 1234-35 Two Papers on This Subject by Chiefs Separated by the Breadth of the Continent. When Hot Water Backs Into Service Pipes, by C. B. Jackson (Portrait) 1237 The Use of Check Valves Treated from Legal Standpoint and the Necessity for Proper Notification by the Water Works Before Installation Shown. Editorial 1240 Average Consumption at Divergent Pressures— Private Use of Fire Hydrants—Protecting Meters with Check Valves. Questions and Answers 1242 The Editor Replies to Queries by Readers on…

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