Advantages of the Oil Engine for Water Works Use

Issue 24 and Volume 74.

Advantages of the Oil Engine for Water Works Use Its Fuel Economy and Compactness Make This Type of Drive of Great Advantage—Some Examples of British Installations Are Described THE use of the oil engine of the Diesel and Semi-Diesel types for the purpose of driving water works pumps, is gaining favor in this country. The following article shows how modifications of these engines and of gas and gas-producer engines are being used in the British Isles and the British colonies for the same purpose. While with properly designed engines and suitable steam conditions and a modern properly managed boiler plant, large steam operated pumping engines are highly economical and enable water to be pumped at a minimum cost, this cannot he said of small plants. The division line between a large plant and a small one is difficult to fix, it cannot, in fact, be well defined, but it can…

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