Remarkable Sequence of Double Fires

Issue 24 and Volume 74.

Remarkable Sequence of Double Fires The past month has been notable for a remarkable sequence of two fires in one day suffered by three different cities. First, on November 9, Washington was visited by two four-alarm fires within five hours of each other. Next, Boston had a three-alarm and a four-alarm fire on November 17 within two hours, and in this issue on page 1247 is described a third occurrence of a similar nature in San Francisco. These fires illustrate the danger which every chief fears—namely, the occurrence of a second big blaze while his forces are already engaged in fighting one which taxes their resources to the utmost. These fires also emphasize the necessity for keeping the fire department up to the very top notch of efficiency and of supplying them with an ample number of the best and most serviceable apparatus and appliances which money can buy. Only…

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