Assessment Vs. Bond Issue for Water Main Extension

Issue 26 and Volume 74.

Assessment Vs. Bond Issue for Water Main Extension Method Adopted by One City in Financing Improvement of Distribution System—Assessment Policy Removes Users’ Dissatisfaction THE matter of the financing of extensions for the distribution system of cities and towns is often a vexing problem for water works. This is especially true in the case of the small municipality, where a lack of funds complicates the situation. The experiences of the city of Glendale will no doubt offer suggestions to others: In 1921 the city of Glendale was faced with the demand for extensions of service and supply mains and also with the problem of the mains of its system in need of replacement, without any finances to make extensions or replacements, as on the revenues from the sale of water at the rates at that time 31 per cent, was required to pay off interest on bonds outstanding against its water…

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