Beautification of the Water Works

Issue 26 and Volume 74.

Beautification of the Water Works The water works system lends itself in practically all of its branches to the work of embellishment. This is particularly true of the reservoirs and the grounds which surround the stations. These, in nearly every instance, form ready material for the art of the landscape architect. The amount of parking that the grounds are capable of, of course, varies, but there are few water works which can not beautify and improve their surroundings, if the proper methods are adopted to carry out these plans. Quite often, too, the watershed, especially in smaller departments, is capable of great improvements, often possessing considerable natural beauty upon which the architect can work as a foundation. A case of this kind is illustrated in connection with the paper on the improvements in the water works of Boone, Ia., published on page 1333. In this instance, the stream which supplies…

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