Issue 3 and Volume 75.

CONVENTION DATES Jan. 15-17—LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA MUNICIPALITIES. Annual convention. Richmond. Va. Secretary, Morton L. Wallerstein, 408 Travelers Building, Richmond, Va. Jan 16-17—LEAGUE OF NEBRASKA MUNICIPALITIES. Annual meeting, Grand Island. Neb. Secretary, Theodore H. Berg, City Hall. Lincoln. Neb. Jan. 16-18—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Annual meeting, New York, N. Y. Secretary, John H. Dunlap, 33 West 39th Street, New York. N. Y. Jan. 17—NEW YORK SECTION, AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Luncheon meeting. Hotel Pennsylvania, New York Citv. 12:30 p. m. Secretary, Burt B. Hodgman, National Water Main Cleaning Company, 50 Church St., New York City. Jan 21-26—TEXAS SHORT WATER WORKS SCHOOL. One week sessions at Baylor University and Waco City water works plant. Chairman, Geo. E. Byars, superintendent, water works, Waco, Tex. Jan. 26—TEXAS WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Annual convention in connection with Texas Short Water Works School Waco, Tex. Secretary, V. M. Ehlers, Austin, Texas. Feb 27-29—-CANADIAN SECTION, AMERICAN WATER…

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