What Water Works Men Should Know About Flush Valves

Issue 3 and Volume 75.

What Water Works Men Should Know About Flush Valves Some of the Advantages of Valves as Against Tanks Set Forth— Some Economies Made Possible by Their Use—The Matter of Piping THE following paper devotes attention to the muchdiscussed question of the use of the flush valve and presents some important facts in connection with it. During recent years there has appeared in the building markets in surprisingly rapidly increasing quantities a device known as the “Flush Valve.” Naturally there has arisen with this a number of difficulties or problems. On the other hand, some benefits also must have forced its entrance into the building equipment of today. It is the purpose of the writer to briefly discuss these problems from various angles. Valve Water Consumption One question which the water works engineer is intensely interested in is, does the valve conserve in water usage? The answer cannot be anything but…

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