Proper Installation of Automatic Sprinklers

Issue 3 and Volume 75.

Proper Installation of Automatic Sprinklers Automatic sprinkler systems, like many another device which is self-acting, depend largely for their efficiency upon the manner in which they are originally installed. Carelessness and inefficiency in this work may result in the device failing at the crucial moment when its services are most needed. But there are many phases to this matter of installation. It is hardly necessary to point out that in practically every one of these divisions of the subject, care and efficiency are required it the installation is to properly function. Many excellent suggestions are to be found in the practical article by Mr. Brown on this subject on page 113 of this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. He goes very thoroughly and effectively into the subject, treating the various matters pertaining to pipes, heads, valves, risers, etc., with great minuteness, and his article will be found of…

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