Chief Kenlon on Increase of Fire Alarms

Issue 3 and Volume 75.

Chief Kenlon on Increase of Fire Alarms Speaking to representatives of fire insurance companies, which were to be sent out by the companies to inspect the factories between Canal and 34th Streets recently, Fire Chief John Kenlon, of New York, pointed out that the number of alarms for the year showed a great increase. He referred to the district that the men were to cover as one of the worst, from the fire hazard viewpoint, in the city. Many of the buildings, he said, are old and highly inflammable and are occupied by clothing manufacturers and others employing inflammable materials. Most of the fires, Chief Kenlon continued, were started either through design or as a result of carelessness, which he termed the twin brother of incendiarism. He urged the inspectors to pay particular attention to the violation of the “no smoking” rule, and promised that those found guilty of this…

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