Christmas Decorations by Winchester Firemen

Issue 3 and Volume 75.

Christmas Decorations by Winchester Firemen Following out their usual practice the Charley Rouss Fire Company, Inc., of the Winchester, Va., fire department, placed in the fire hall over the Christmas holidays, eight medium sized Christmas trees formed into a circle resembling a forest, and trimmed with many colored balls, tinsel and illuminated with miniature electric lights at night, as shown in the illustration. At the base of the mountain were dug tunnels for the two electric trains which were running through them and which were accompanied by railroad signals, gates, water tank and all accessories to make a complete railroad system. Upon the mountains were placed small figures of goats, deer, rabbits, bears and other wild animals. The exibit is said to be the most complete that the company has ever made, and, according to J. H. Dunn, to whom FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is indebted for the illustration, was…

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