Much Lumber Saved in Cloquet Fire

Issue 3 and Volume 75.

Much Lumber Saved in Cloquet Fire A fire, which threatened very heavy loss in the large lumber yard of the Northern Lumber Company at Cloquet, Minn., on November 14, was checked by the fire department, with a loss of about 1 1/2 million feet of the 20 million stored in the yard. The box was pulled at 12:35 p. m., according to an account from Chief Lester H. Clark of the fire department of Cloquet, and on arrival it was found that the fire was in the center of the piles of lumber and started from unknown cause. The mill crew had in the meantime brought into play two or three lines, but the fire had much such great headway that the water seemed to have no effect on it. On the arrival of Chief Clark and his department, which consists of ten regular men and a Seagrave 750-gallon pumper,…

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