Looking Forward in Building Water Works

Issue 4 and Volume 75.

Looking Forward in Building Water Works There can be no gainsaying the fact that in water works practice, foresight is much better than hindsight. Otherwise interpreted, this means that the superintendent, engineer, board of water commissioners, or whoever are or were responsible for the original building of the water system of a municipality, were the ones who held that municipality’s future in the hollow of their hands. As they builded, in like degree did the town grow and prosper. The gift of foresight as to the future growth of a town is a mighty valuable one for a water works man to possess, not only for himself, hut also for the municipality over whose water works destinies he presides. If this man in the early days of the town’s history has had sufficient breadth of vision to foresee that its future growth and prosperity depended upon ample provisions for its…

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