Chemistry in the Fire Department

Issue 4 and Volume 75.

Chemistry in the Fire Department The Value of the Study of This Science to the Fire-Fighter—How It Can Be Put to Practical Use—A Suggested Course of Study MANY phases of improvement enter into the work of the modern fire-fighter and one of the most important of these is a working knowledge of chemistry for the fireman. The following article, one of a series by the same author which have appeared in IN FIRE AND WATER will be found of considerable help to our readers: “Eight Firemen Face Death in Explosion” “Fire in Chemicals Blows Up a Barge.” “Acid Fumes Overcome Four Men in Cellar.” These are but a few of the numerous similar headlines which appear in the daily press from time to time and which emphasize the importance of chemical knowledge to the fire-fighter. In two previous articles ARTICLES (FIRE AND WATER December 7, 1921 and May 31, 1922),…

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