Loss of Life by Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 75.

Loss of Life by Fire A record of nearly $400,000,000 in losses caused by fire during the year 1923, as published in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, in the January 9 issue, one is apt to lose sight of another phase of the criminal and unnecessary loss by fire in this country that is equally as appalling—in fact more so—than this huge property loss. This consists in the snuffing out of human life and in the sufferings of those terribly injured by fire. It is safe to say that considerably more than threequarters of the number of these unfortunates have suffered death or have been incapicitated either totally or for many months through their own or someone else’s carelessness or criminal acts. The fire record shows that the great majority of fires are from preventable causes and a great many of them are deliberately set, so that, while exact figures are…

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