Should Public and Private Water Systems Connect?

Issue 4 and Volume 75.

Should Public and Private Water Systems Connect? Author Says “No” Emphatically—Some Reasons Why He Believes They Should Not—The Danger of Pollution in Spite of Check Valves THE question of cross-connections is a very live one in water supply circles and has been keenly debated at many water works conventions. The author in the following paper takes a decided stand against the use of cross-connections between public and private water supplies. There has been so little done about the Cross Connections in Public Water Supply Systems that it is hard for me to know where to start, harder to know what to say and harder to know where to stop. Cross connections are between the private water supply systems that are connected with the public water supply system. They exist in most of the cities and towns of the country where there is a public water supply and it has been…

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