The Water Works Man’s Responsibility

Issue 5 and Volume 75.

The Water Works Man’s Responsibility Emphasizing Necessity for Knowledge and Efficiency on the Part of the Head of the Plant—Water Works Should Be the Citizens’ Pride THE author of the following paper strikes from the shoulder and his language is direct and convincing. His words also contain mines of wisdom and thought for the water works man. Primitive man pitched his tent or built his rock house near a running spring or close by a pond of water. He instinctively knew that water was one of the few absolute requirements for his very existence. In just such degree as the water was pure did his tribe enjoy good health, and if for any reason the supply proved inadequate, or to his mind unhealthful, he moved on to another watering place. The same fundamental holds true today, with this difference; that, while in the case of early man the mental process…

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