Draws Lessons from Our Figures

Issue 5 and Volume 75.

Draws Lessons from Our Figures In analyzing the figures published by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, in its issue of January 9, on page 72, showing the fire losses for the year 1923 as compared with previous years, the Buffalo Courier comments editorially on the discouraging outlook which those figures reveal. “Those engaged for years in the work of Fire Prevention,” says the Courier, “must feel, as high figures of fire loss are returned year after year, that they have undertaken a hopeless job!” The indifference of the general public to the matter of the simplest precautions necessary to prevent fire is proverbial, and unfortunately does not show many encouraging signs of improvement, if the great number of fires from causes that easily could have been removed or remedied with a little care, foresight and the exercise of ordinary common sense, are any criterion. And this in spite of the preachments,…

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