A Municipal Water Works Advertises to Sell More Water

Issue 9 and Volume 75.

A Municipal Water Works Advertises to Sell More Water Rochester Water Bureau Adopts Novel Means of Reaching Consumer with Interesting Data—Circular Is Distributed with Monthly Bill MUNICIPAL officials can make the work of their departments far more effective by taking the public into their confidence. The interesting method employed by Superintendent Beekman C. Little of Rochester, a former President of the American Water Works Association and one of the foremost water officials of the country, furnishes the basis of an idea than can advantageously be adopted by other municipal officials throughout the country. We consider it a privilege for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING to be able to present to our readers the following summary of this interesting circular, with Mr. Little’s remarks: Perhaps subconsciously I was influenced in publishing this little folder by Dow Gwinn, as he is continually advertising his plant in many very interesting ways and I thought…

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