Laugh This One Off—If You Can!

Issue 12 and Volume 75.

Laugh This One Off—If You Can! SO many of us mere men are sheep, or goats, or poodle dogs or poor fish, that it is worth while to take stock once in a while and see just where we are headed. DON’T BE A SHEEP Carlyle once said: Stretch a rope across a country path, about a foot and a half from the ground. Then drive a herd of sheep over. When the leader has jumped that elevated rope, lower it to the ground and note what happens! Every sheep in the flock that follows will jump a foot and half in the air over that same rope, though it is now lying slack on the ground. They follow the leader blindly, unreasoningly, without regard to changed conditions. They don’t jump for the same reason the leader jumped, but just because they saw another sheep jump a given height, at…

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