Fire Menace of Waste Oils on Rivers and Harbors

Issue 13 and Volume 75.

Fire Menace of Waste Oils on Rivers and Harbors Hazard That Is Hard to Control—The Case of Baltimore, Where 3,000 Gallons of Oil Escaped from a Broken Pipe Into the Harbor A SUBJECT that is of vital importance to chiefs, whose cities border on bodies of water in which oil-burning ships ply, and into which industrial plants discharge oil waste, is that of the pollution of these waters by oil and the fire menace which this entails. The following article, by Chief Emrich, will be found of value along these lines: Feeling that the subject of the pollution of rivers and harbors by oil, and the consequent fire hazard which is embodied in this practice, is one of great interest to chiefs of fire departments who have extensive water fronts under their protection, I have prepared for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING an account of a recent accident in Baltimore harbor,…

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