Dangerous Methods of Celebration

Issue 13 and Volume 75.

Dangerous Methods of Celebration Disregard for human life was apparent in a recent occurrence in Malverne, Long Island, N. Y., in which a heavy charge of dynamite was set off in connection with a bonfire lighted apparently to celebrate a political victory. The explosion narrowly missed killing or maiming members of the fire department who were engaged in extinguishing the blaze. The fire was set in the form of a cross and the dynamite, which was placed just in front of the burning emblem, by a fortunate circumstance, exploded before the firemen were near enough to it to be injured in the performance of their duty. While, no doubt, there was no intention on the part of the celebrants to injure the members of their town fire department, or for that matter, anyone else, this is a type of jubilation which is not only dangerous, but should be promptly and…

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