Dynamite at Bonfire Imperils L. I. Firemen

Issue 13 and Volume 75.

Dynamite at Bonfire Imperils L. I. Firemen The members of the Malverne. L. I., N. Y., fire department had narrow escapes from death on March 18 when a heavy charge of dynamite exploded in front of a burning cross which they had been called out to extinguish. So severe was the explosion that a crater was dug in the earth large enough to contain a good sized auto truck, it is said, and shook buildings in the adjoining town of Lynbrook. By good fortune the firemen had not quite reached the fire and they were only spattered with mud, but if the explosion had occurred a few seconds later it is believed that fatalities would have been certain. It is thought the fire was started in celebration of a political victory’ in the village election. Courtesy of the Lowell Sun Fire Chief Ackley said he was certain that the dynamite…

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