Why and How Memphis Water System is Being Replaced

Issue 13 and Volume 75.

Why and How Memphis Water System is Being Replaced Description of New and Up-to-Date Water Supply Replacing Entire Old Well System — Considerations Governing the New Project MUCH interest has been aroused by the very large water works developments now going on at Memphis, Tenn., embodying the construction of a practical and new well supple system. The following description by one of the engineers in charge of the work will give a very good idea of what is being accomplished: The city of Memphis is now replacing its entire system of water supply and pumping facilities with new and independent works, which will be placed in operation during the coming summer. Both the new and old supplies are being obtained from wells penetrating the so-called Ua Grange sands which underlie the entire region about Memphis. These sands occur at a depth of 300 to 500 feet and outcrop about 40…

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