School Children Make Orderly Exit from Theatre in Flames

Issue 13 and Volume 75.

School Children Make Orderly Exit from Theatre in Flames Old and Flimsy Opera House Building in Lowell, Mass., Destroyed —Good Discipline Displayed in Pupils’ Exit—Fires of the Week AN important incident in connection with the burning of the Lowell Opera House building in Central Street, Lowell, Mass., on February 4, at 2:55 P. M., was the remarkable demonstration of control exhibited by fifteen hundred high school students gathered to witness a matinee performance of this year’s school play, “The Boomerang.” These boys and girls filled the auditorium of the theatre, and, when smoke began to filter into the house, headmaster Henry H. Harris left his box-chair, and, standing before the footlights, gave the signal for the fire drill. Without any sign of hurry, or panic, the children arose and filed out, carrying their wraps with them to the street. This exit, under stress of great danger, was made as orderly…

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