Safeguarding the Fire Alarm System

Issue 14 and Volume 75.

Safeguarding the Fire Alarm System The fire which occurred in the City Hall of Newark, N. J., is a concrete example of the necessity for safeguarding the telegraph fire alarm headquarters of a city or town, either preferably through isolation or by being rendered absolutely safe from injury through a fire when it is, by necessity, as in the present case situated in a building with other offices. The structure, in this instance, was a so-called “fire-proof” one, but as is always the case, such buildings are by no means absolutely safe on account of the amount of inflammable furnishings which they contain. The best method, where practicable, is the installation of the fire alarm system in an isolated building in the center of a park or square and of absolutely fire-proof construction. This plan is being very largely adopted and relieves the system of any danger from either interior…

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