Issue 14 and Volume 75.

CORRESPONDENCE Chief Taber Favors Direct Fire Pressure Office of Chief of Fire Department. Bristol Street, Boston 18 March 22, 1924. To the Editor: Referring to your editorial in the issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING under date of March 19, 1024, also to the article by William Luscombe, vice-president, Gary Heat, Light and Water Company, Gary, Ind., would state that I read both of these articles with a great deal of interest. While they are in some ways correct, there are a great many cases where physical conditions would govern pressure. Not every situation in the country is located around a lake with such a vast supply of water as Lake Michigan, and many of our pumping units located in various states, and in some of the larger cities, do under certain circumstances start up pumps to furnish a more adequate supply of water. They do this with no hardship…

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