Detecting the Troubles from Underground Leakage

Issue 14 and Volume 75.

Detecting the Troubles from Underground Leakage How New York City Water Department Goes About It—Aggressive Search Campaign Started—Organization and Methods—Cost of Work WHILE the following paper applies especially to the work accomplished in New York City — unique in many respects—in the detection of underground water, yet there will be found in it many important suggestions of value to water works superintendents of smaller cities and towns: The question of New York underground waste has been touched upon from time to time in elaborate reports dealing with increase or conservation of the water supply. It was my pleasure, in 1902 to 1903, to have been closely connected with the field work for collection of some of the data on waste conditions set forth in the Burr-Herring-Freeman report of 1905 on additional water supply for the city of New York. This work included Pitometer gaugings of the variation in rate and…

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