Pumps Out Basement in Spite of Cinders

Issue 14 and Volume 75.

Pumps Out Basement in Spite of Cinders An unusual difficult performance was that which the AhrensFox pumper of Engine Company No. 56 of the Chicago fire department was called upon to accomplish in pumping out a a basement at Belmont and Lincoln Avenues after a recent fire. The engine was compelled to draft water from a depth of 28 feet and, in order to accomplish this, had to let down its suction through the chute of the ash-hoist, so that in addition to the usual foreign matter encountered in pumping out flooded basements there were the added items of cinders and ashes to be contended with. The pumper worked for a period of ten hours with three 12-foot suctions and performed the operation with complete satisfaction, according to Fire Marshal Edward J. Buckley, chief of the Chicago fire department.

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