Metering Street Hydrants

Issue 14 and Volume 75.

Metering Street Hydrants A proposition by the Indianapolis, Ind., Water Company, to place meters on 200 water plugs used by the members of the street cleaning department of the city for filling street flushers and similar purposes would seem to be in the interest of water conservation. There is little doubt but that these men, if left to their own devices, will become careless, forget to close the openings and waste the water unecessarily in filling the tanks of the flushers and in other ways. If, on the contrary, the city is compelled to pay for the water so used, no doubt a more careful supervision of these men will result. The proposition of the company is, it would seem, based on a fair principle. There is no reason, all things being equal, why a city should not pay for the water it uses as well as a private consumer,…

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