Truck Explosion in Street Causes Fires

Issue 18 and Volume 75.

Truck Explosion in Street Causes Fires An automobile truck laden with dress materials, while standing in one of the streets in the congested section of lower New York City, on April 15, caught fire. The blaze quickly spread to a thirty-gallon reserve gasoline tank under the truck which exploded shortly after with a roar that could be heard for a quarter of a mile, spreading the burning fluid in every direction. A large part of the tank plowed through a wooden door of the hatchway of an adjoining building, setting fire to the wood work, while a smaller fragment was hurled across the street doing similar damage. Upon the arrival of fire apparatus, Battalion Chief Waldron ordered some of the firemen to form a wall of water around the burning vehicle while other members quickly extinguished the blaze in the adjoining buildings. Fortunately there were no casualities as the truck…

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