The Proper Way to Paint Fire Hydrants

Issue 20 and Volume 75.

The Proper Way to Paint Fire Hydrants Some Suggestions as to the Best Color to Choose—Visibility and Durability—Best Kind of Paint to Be Used—Method of Application MUCH discussion has been held in conventions and meetings of fire chiefs and water works associations as to the most appropriate color which fire hydrants should be painted. These discussions have considered the matter of insibility, durability and general neatness of appearance. The following article gives some excellent suggestions on this important subject: Without possibly an exception, from the remote rural to the most elaborate equipment of the larger cities, every thought and consideration has been given to the appearance, protection and maximum visibility of the mobile fire equipment generally. It is most elaborate in its color and in the standard as set red is a color of decided attractiveness and consequently has proven a benefit in the prevention of accidents due to its…

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