How Bryan, Texas, Regulates Traffic

Issue 20 and Volume 75.

How Bryan, Texas, Regulates Traffic The board of city commissioners of Bryan, Texas, on April 11, adopted an ordinance which is intended to regulate traffic at the approach of the fire apparatus during fires. The ordinance is as follows: Section 1. That upon the sounding of the fire alarm it shall be the duty of all persons operating or driving any vehicle in and upon the streets of Bryan to immediately bring such vehicle under control and proceed slowly along the right hand side of the street until the location of the fire is ascertained or known to be in some other section of the city, except as provided in Section Two hereof. Section 2. That upon the approach, from any direction, of any vehicle or apparatus of the fire or police departments of the city of Bryan, or ambulance, answering an alarm of fire, or emergency call, and sounding…

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