Fire Hazards of Radio Sets

Issue 24 and Volume 75.

Fire Hazards of Radio Sets Summer brings with it the hazard of lightning in connection with radio receiving sets. The possibility of the radio antennae being struck usually receives some consideration, but it is a known fact, according to the National Fire Waste Council of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, that many receiving sets are not safeguarded against destruction in this manner. One never knows where lightning will strike, but if properly protected, radio antennae should not cause anxiety from this source. An aerial may be safeguarded by a protective device known as a lightning arrester which is installed in the lead-in wire as near as practicable to the point where the wire enters the building. This protector should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of easily ignitible material or where exposed to flammable gases or combustible dust and flyings. The most important precaution a radio…

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