Fire Protection Requirements of a Small Water Works

Issue 24 and Volume 75.

Fire Protection Requirements of a Small Water Works Providing for Stream Concentration—Need for the Study of Street Maps—Duplicate Lines Are Preferable—Valves Should Be Kept Open MODERN requirements of the small town dictate that distribution system should be so designed that the matter of fire protection is taken into consideration as well as that of water supply. In the following paper Mr. Goldsmith sets forth in detail the reasons for this necessity: In the design of the pipe distribution system of water works to supply a small town, the selection of the pipe sizes should be based upon the fire protection requirements. The rates at which water must be furnished to supply even moderately adequate fire protection far exceed those which are required for domestic consumption and the few manufacturing activities. Consideration should, therefore, be given to determining the probable fire demand. Sections containing small dwellings of low heights occupying not…

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