How to Put a Stop to Incendiarism

Issue 24 and Volume 75.

How to Put a Stop to Incendiarism Necessity for the Knowledge by Firemen of the Nature of Evidence— What Is Needed to Convict the Arsonist—The Pyromaniac Problem SUGGESTION as to the apprehension and conviction of the incendiary are always welcome. In the following practical paper Mr. Magruder gives some excellent hints that will be found of benefit to fire chiefs. There are criminals who command our reluctant admiration and there are others whom we detest. With the possible exception of the kidnapper and the blackmailer the most contemptible criminal is the arsonist. He is always a sneak actuated by the most contemptible motives. Frequently, he does not know and apparently does not care what the result of his crime may be. In a city or village any fire may result in a conflagration and a fire anywhere may result in the loss of human life, by the most painful death…

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