Selecting Suitable Type of Engine for Standby Service

Issue 26 and Volume 75.

Selecting Suitable Type of Engine for Standby Service Comparison of Diesel, Semi-Diesel and Gasoline Units for This Purpose—Results of Tests—Capital Costs, Fuel and Interest Charges THE choosing of the proper type of engine for standby service in the water works is an important matter, and one which it is sometimes perplexing for the superintendent to decide. The paper which follows will, no doubt, give some very excellent hints to water works men who are faced with this particular problem: The following discussion of the relative economy and suitability of the gasoline, Diesel and Semi-Diesel engine as an auxiliary or stand by for the electrical power furnished a motor driven pumping plant for a municipal water supply will be found of interest. It is assumed that conditions with respect to elevated storage are such that the capacity of the auxiliary plant must be sufficient to carry the combined domestic and fire…

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