Preventing Waste of Water by Private Fire Connections

Issue 26 and Volume 75.

Preventing Waste of Water by Private Fire Connections Co-operation with Water Department by Means of Practical Rules for Use of These Services—Periodical Inspection—Control of Waste THE following report for 1924 of the Committee on Private Fire Supplies from Public Mains of the National Fire Protection Association treats the subject from a practical stand point, and will be found full of important information and suggestions. The committee is composed of H. A. Burnham, chairman; A. T. Bell; G. W. Booth; J. S. Caldwell; E. V. French; I. G. Hoagland; Thos. McCaughern; R. H. Morris; Benj. Richards, and H. P. Smith. Control of Water Waste The study and control of waste in all branches of industry is becoming increasingly important. The control of waste of water from fire service connections has a direct relation to the reduction of waste of property and of lives by fire, which is the purpose of the…

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