Issue 26 and Volume 75.

CORRESPONDENCE Louisville Water Mains Not Broken by Artillery Fire To the Editor: Your letter of the 9th instant asking for information in regard to the story in the New York Times which asserted that two water mains were broken in Louisville through concussion from heavy artillery fire at Camp Knox is received. I am not prepared to say just how violent the artillery fire was, as it did not awaken me. It is certain, however, that the story in the Times, which also appeared in the local papers, was not authentic. Two water mains were not broken at all. A connection from a ten-inch water main to a fire cistern was broken. It is as near certain as anything can be that this was not caused by artillery fire. JOHN CHAMBERS, Chief Engineer and Superintendent, Louisville Water Company. Louisville, Ky., June 12, 1924. Organize Fire Company at Lucas, Iowa—A volunteer…

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