Fire Hazards of Vacation Time

Issue 6 and Volume 76.

Fire Hazards of Vacation Time The summer period, including as it does the vacation time, when vigilance in Fire Prevention matters is apt to he relaxed. is apt to be one of worry to the fire chief. Some suggestions are made by the National Fire Waste Council that may give some hints for use in his or his men’s inspection rounds: “As a result of carelessness and thoughtlessness of vacationists, our nation suffers tremendously in fire waste each summer. Precautions which otherwise would be heeded are often discarded momentarily in the hurry of departure and the excitement of unusual surroundings encountered during the vacation period. “How carefully do you provide for the safety of your home during your absence? A resident of one of our largest cities experienced a fire because he forgot to turn off his electric lights when he left for his vacation. The bulbs had been covered…

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