Issue 6 and Volume 76.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS FIRE PROPOSALS Washington, D. C.—Bids for furnishing and installing sprinkler system for fire protection in basement of Chicago U. S. marine hospital, will be received by supervising architect. Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C., until August 21. WATER PROPOSALS Toronto, Ont., Can.—Bids for supplying and installing one 40,000,000 – imperial gallon centrifugal pump and electric motor, etc., or two 20.000,000 gallon same with electric motors, etc., will be received until Sept. 16 by W. W. Hiltz, chairman board of control. Specifications at Boom 12, city hall. Salem, N. J.—Bids for pumping equipment will be received until 8 P. M., August 11 at city council chamber. Involves furnishing all materials and labor required for installation of low service pumping machinery in one 2,000,000-gal. unit, on concrete foundations to be furnished by city. Wm. H. Boardman, 426 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., engr. Wm. B. Dunn, city recorder. Ames, Iowa—Bids for…

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