Careless Handling of Gasoline in Tank Cars

Issue 8 and Volume 76.

Careless Handling of Gasoline in Tank Cars Ignorance of Employees of Railroads and Consignees May Cause a Serious Fire—How the Gasoline Vapor Drifts—Ignited by Stove THE following article and its illustrations, furnished through the courtesy of the Bureau of Explosives, New York City, gives some excellent suggestions to fire chiefs in whose cities there are railroad terminals that handle large amounts of gasoline as to what precautions should be insisted upon from the railroads and from consignees in handling this dangerous material. It gives an account of the fire which occurred on May 19 at St. Paul, Minn., and which destroyed the plant of the Craig Oil Refining Company. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing—provided it’s little enough. Do you allow the baby to play with grandpa’s shotgun? Then why in the name of Tutankh-amen permit the handling and unloading of tank cars of casinghead gasoline by men whose…

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